Thursday, March 1, 2018

March In Remembrance: The Blakey Blakley WHITE Family Connections

Welcome to the Month of March!
Enjoy the journey.
I hope you will explore and discover more family connections.

I was thinking about the article:
"Slavery Descendants to Have First Reunion:  The Article in 12 Blogs
As I re read some what I wrote 5 years ago, I wondered if there is more in this article?
I will search it out.

The BLAKEY BLAKLEY WHITE Family Connections
The Link to the Full list March In Remembrance

Here's list of a few relatives.

 In Memory of Rachel (Ann LEPHRIDGE / JACKSON) BLAKEY. She passed  on March 17, 1916 in Chariton County Missouri. She was the daughter of Andrew and Charity LEPHRIDGE. Rachel was the 2nd wife of Isaac BLAKEY.

 In Memory of Katherine "Katie" (ESTELL / ESTIL) WHITE. She  passed on March 15, 1923   in MO. She was the daughter of Tom and Lizzie ESTELLL ESTIL. Katherine was the wife John WHITE.

 In Memory of  Mary Belle (BROOKS) STAPLETON WHITE. She was born some time in March of 1860. She was the white of  David STAPLETON and Richard "Dick" WHITE Sr.

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S.A. Blakley

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Where There's A Will #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

Where there's a will... this was what was on the probate. It's a listing of some of my enslaved ancestors. Isaac was my Great Grandfather. His parents were Andrew and Julia.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The 8th Week ~ Heirloom #52ancestors 52 Weeks

What's been handed down from generations to generation? One thing, was our family surname. And the other, the faith in Jesus Christ that our ancestors told us about.

Though my family surname was changed at least two times it's our "heirloom" or what's our inheritage. My Great Grandpa Isaac's family was carried the WHITE surname. Sometime along the journey Isaac choose the BLAKEY surname. And he was the only one of his siblings with that surname.

Isaac had twin sons by his first wife, Martha (Scott) Blakey. Their name were Andrew and John. Andrew passed as an infant.  John later changed his surname to BLAKLEY around 1902. His children carry the BLAKLEY surname.

When I first thought about this blog, I was thinking of what special item that has been passed down in my family. I can't think of any objects from one generation to the next.  There may have been. Perhaps, the family stories, pictures that we need to share more of.

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S.A. Blakley

Sunday, February 4, 2018

In The Census: Great Finds ~ #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

Week 5 ~ Prompt In The Census  ~
1880 Census Chariton County Missouri

  In June of 2007, I stumbled across this 1880 census, while I was searching for my Great Grandfather, Isaac Blakey. I typed in Isaac White and this page came up. I was amazed by what I saw. I shouted, "Thank You, Jesus!".

I thought that my 2nd Great Grandmother, Julia White would have passed. Low and behold, there she was listed on the 1880. She was a former slaved and lived at least 15 years after the Civil War ended.

What's so surprising, the children and grandchildren were listed with her. There were some children not listed. Julia the granddaughter had a twin brother. There was an Isaac Jr. Don't know who the Andrew listed as age 6. Wondering who were their parents?

There were other grandchildren of Julia without listing of their parents. Andrew was listed as black. Rebecca was mulatto and her parents were from Virginia.

Also, what's interesting, is the family unit before Julia's. Isaac White ( aged 80) and his family. I believe that Isaac and Julia were in laws. Julia had a son named Andrew. Wondering if this Isaac was Andrew's Grandfather.

There's so much to dig into in the censuses. Following the paper trail of our ancestors. It's a journey in itself. I'm thankful that I came across this census. 

The 1880 in Chariton County Missouri census
Julia White
 60      Head, a widow, couldn't read nor write , Born in VA, Parents  VA        
Isaac White
 30      son, married, couldn't read nor write, born in MO, Parents VA            
Rachel White
 29      daughter in law, couldn't read nor write, Born in MS, Parents MS            
John White
 10      grandson, born in MS,  Father MO, Mother MS
Mary White
   8      granddaughter, born in MS,  Father MO, Mother MS
Andrew White
   6      grandson, born in MS,  Father MO, Mother MS
Julia White
   4      granddaughter, born in MS,  Father MO, Mother MS
Henry White
   2      grandson, born in MO, Father MO, Mother MS
Spencer White
 28      son, single, couldn't read nor write, Parents VA        
John White
 26      son, single, couldn't read nor write, Parents VA             
David White
 22      son, single, couldn't read nor write, Parents VA                 
Josh White
 20      son, singe, couldn't read nor write, Parents VA                 
Rebcca White
 10      granddaughter, born in MO, Father VA, Mother VA
Martha White
 18      daughter , she was a widow, couldn't read nor write.
Andrew White
   2      grandson, born in MO, Parents from MO

1880 Census
There are still mysteries in this family history.
I hope to discover a little  more along the journey.
I believe that there's is more out there.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Family Member: Private Isaac Blaker: Also Known As. Mr. Isaac Blakey

Isaac Blakey photo

 February: In Memory of The Blakey Blakley WHITE Family Connections

I’m thankful for all my family members. I was thinking about which person I want to write about.  I choose my Great Grandfather, my father’s grandfather. I’ve written about him before.

I’m thankful for my Great Grandfather, Isaac Blakey. There’s so much I’ve discovered about him.  His life has been an inspiration to me as I’m searching for my family connections.

Isaac was born into American slavery sometime between 1845 to 1847.  He and his family were enslaved in Missouri. By the age of 12, Isaac was said to have ran away. About that time Isaac’s family was divided and sold. Isaac later joined the Civil War in 1863 – 1866.

As I’m searching for info on my Great Grandfather, I wonder how he did what he did? He was born a slave and later became a free man as a teenager. He fought during the Civil War and was injured while serving in April of 1864.

I believe Isaac was a smart man. Though, he couldn’t read nor write, he had some knowledge. He was applying for his Civil War pension in 1891. He had to prove who he was. He needed witness to verify who he was and about his health issues.

As I’ve read Isaac’s pension records, he had many people who vouched for him.  Isaac had a bayonet wound from the war. His left leg had been a running with sores since he was wounded.  By the 1890’s, Isaac was unable to do work. And at times he was confined to his bed.

I’ve read a news article about some of Blakey / White family history. After the Civil War, Isaac was able to located his family. He convinced them to move to Forest Green, Missouri. That was were the family was before the Civil War.

I believe that Isaac was a forgiving person. He asked two of his former slaveholders to speak on his behalf. They knew of Isaac as a slave. Yes, they wrote an affidavits stating who Isaac was. Isaac had a good reputation as a slave.

In 1900 Isaac received his pension. It was $6 a month. Also, he received back pay since 1891. At the time of his death, he was receiving $ 24  a month. Isaac passed on Dec 23, 1917.

So far on my search, Isaac is the only family member that has been listed as an Africa. He and his parents and some siblings were listed on a slave ad in 1858. So far, they are the only documented family member that were listed slaves.

Isaac’s Family.
Isaac was the only known member in his family that carried the Blakey surname. All the others including his parents, Andrew and Julia choose the White surname. Isaac was one of 12 children.

Isaac was the father of about 20 children. His first wife, Martha (Scott) Blakey gave birth to twins sons. She later passed with her son, Andrew. The other son was my Grandfather, John Blakey / Blakley.

Isaac’s second wife was Rachel, Jackson / Lephridge Blakey. She was the mother of Isaac’s 18 children. She raised my Grandfather, John. She passed in 1916.

I believe that I’ll have the opportunity to meet my ancestors who fell asleep in the LORD face to face, when the time comes. They paved the way for us. I’m thankful to be on their family lineage.

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Happy February!
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Which Ancestor To Invite To Dinner? ~ Week 4 #52ancestors Martha Scott Blakey

Which Ancestor To Invite To Dinner? ~ Week 4 #52ancestors Martha Scott Blakey.

 If I could invite an ancestor to diner, which one would I choose? I looked at my pedigree tree. I thought about it and went down my list.

I believe that my Great Grandmother, Martha called upon the LORD. And in due time, we all will be at the dinner table. What a family reunion that will be.
 I choose my Great Grandmother, Martha Scott Blakey. Why?  I know very little about her. And it would be nice if I had an opportunity to met with her.  She was the mother of my Grandfather, John BLAKEY / Blakley.

 I don't think, I would prepare a big meal for my Great Grandmother, Martha. The real reason for our get together would be to get to know one another. I think, I would learn about from her life.
Through family research...What I've learned about Martha, comes from her husband ( my Great Grandfather), Isaac Blakey's Civil War pension records. I continued to search for her on census records. I couldn't determine which was my Martha Scott.

It wasn't until a few years ago, I discovered when my Great Grandparents, Isaac and Martha were married. According to Isaac's records, they knew each other for about a year to three years before they married.  That day was on Feb 13, 1870 in Wilkerson County MS. The Mississippi index had Isaac's surname as BAKER.

On June 21, 1871, Martha gave birth to twins sons on Hew Davis Plantation, in Woodlong MS. One son, Andrew Blakey passed perhaps at birth. Their other son, John was my Grandfather. I can assume that Martha died after giving birth some time in June 1871 on the plantation. She would been about 23 or 24 years old. 

 As I think about my Great Grandmother, Martha, I wonder. Who were her parents? Who were her siblings? How did Martha met Isaac? Where is she buried?

 Perhaps, Great Grandma Martha was a slave on Hew Davis Plantation or worked there after slavery. Great Grandpa Isaac somehow came to where Great Grandma Martha was. He was a MS. Union Private during the Civil War from 1863 - 1866 stationed in Natchez.

 Even though, I don't know much about my Great Grandma Martha, she was apart of my family lineage. I'm honored to be one of her off springs.

 A few years ago, I came across a photo of Isaac and his wife. I have heard about this photo. The date on the back of the photo is 1866. I thought to myself, the year. The photo was of Isaac and his 2nd wife Rachel. That couldn't be. I wondered if the date on the photo was incorrect. If so, Martha is the woman in that photo.

I've seen a copy of the photo. It's a treasure. That's the youngest photo, I've seen of my Great Grandfather, Isaac. I'm glad that the photos were taken and keep by family members.

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God bless you.